Sex in Oslo
21 May 2020

I’m adventurous and I would like to think I’m pretty fearless. After all, I’m full of love and love is the opposite of fear. You might be surprised that many think hate is the antithesis of love. But, no, it’s fear. Trust me on that. Don’t misunderstand me, when I say fearless, I don’t mean reckless. I love life and want to live long and stay healthy so, as I may be adventurous, I stay safe.

I have varied interests. I enjoy keeping fit with yoga, hiking, windsurfing, Crossfit, running. A fun time is spent when wine tasting, stamp collecting, reading adventure, and science fiction novels, video games. My favorite genre is Film noir.

Available anytime for sex in Oslo, for a one hour meeting, or more of an all night extravaganza… Either one will be the best decision you ever made :) Classy, Intelligent, and beautiful, Plus I take care of myself and am very hygienic.

I grew up dancing competitively and still dance to keep in shape. My love of dance extends to watching as well, I love seeing shows from Cirque du Soleil to City Ballet. I am intrigued by all styles and genres of dance including pole dancing, ballet, and contemporary dance.